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Contact Math Clinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 647-547-8824.



Contact Math Clinic for Math and Science lessons at 647-547-8824.



Contact Math Clinic for help in Math and Science at 647-547-8824.


Contact Math Clinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 647-547-8824.

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19.  I am a very hard working student but math was never my strength, well at least before finding out about Math Clinic. No matter how hard I study, I always did very poorly in my math classes, until one day... That day after getting my math test result back, I was in a very bad mood. I browse randomly on the internet. And somehow I typed the search term math tutoring toronto on my google search engine. And I found Math Clinic. For some reason, I decided to give it a shot as my math skills are like diseased and really need some first aid! At Math Clinic, I learnt many tricks in problem solving and exam taking. I came to realize that because I was never properly trained in exam taking and I always write less than I know in the tests and exams. I came to realize that I wasn't inherent bad at math, just no one from school has ever teach me the skills needed to do well in math. I ended up getting an 85 from my grade 12 Discrete Math class. Yes, I get an 85 from a class that I never thought I would ever pass!! Thanks, Math Clinic. Now Math is no longer my weakness and I start come to understand that learning math can be fun :)

- Cheung, Scarborough, 2008 -


20. My son was always good at Math, at least that was until we immigrate to Canada. We though he would either be a doctor or an engineer when he grow up. However, as new immigrants in Canada English language becomes a great barrier to my son. Because of that he could hardly understand any of the math concepts gone over in  class. When I felt hopeless, I browsed through the internet and found Math Clinic. Initially I was hesitant as the tuition fee wasn't cheap. But the professional tutor they sent us help my son improve his course score by a lot. Before using Math Clinic we never thought he would made it through his grade 10 class. He scored over 90's instead. We were very happy, and we are still with Math Clinic for his grade 11 university stream math. Thank you Math Clinic, we could not imagine what life would be if we haven't found you.

- Chung, Scarborough, 2009 -


21. Math Clinic saves my life. Thank you. Without Math Clinic I would not have made it to University of Waterloo Computer Engineering. Thanks Math Clinic, my savior.

- Jane, Markham, 2008 -


22. My English wasn't good and I have failed the first 3 tests in my grade 11 math class. I thought there would be no way for me to pass that course. A friend of mine recommended Math Clinic to me. With the help of the professional and experienced tutors at Math Clinic, I finish the course with a 82% final score. I did not know how the tutors at Math Clinic did it. It's like magic, but it works. I would highly recommend anyone who are struggling to survive their math class to sign up with Math Clinic right away. They will save your life.

- Nicole, Markham, 2009 -


23. I tried everything I could to help my daughter in grade 9 Math but she kept failing every single tests, I almost lost hope. I found Math Clinic on the internet. I did not have much option left so I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. She jumped from constantly having a 45% in the tests to having a final score of over 75%. I wish I had found Math Clinic earlier. Thank you and I definitely will recommend it to anyone and everyone I know.

- Sergy, Toronto, 2009 -


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