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Contact Math Clinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 647-547-8824.



Contact Math Clinic for Math and Science lessons at 647-547-8824.



Contact Math Clinic for help in Math and Science at 647-547-8824.



Contact Math Clinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 647-547-8824.

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15. I like going to Math Clinic. English is my second language and sometimes I find my teacher in day school talk too fast that I don't always understand everything they say. But in Math Clinic, the class is small, there are only 4 students including myself. The teacher in Math Clinic is very nice and they are very patient in explaining the materials. There are some difficult concepts that I find it hard to understand. They patiently explain to me step by step so that I fully understand and later know how to do all those very difficult math problems. The problems that the teacher give me in Math Clinic are always the most difficult ones. When I later take those math exams in day schools, I then feel that the questions are actually easy. Obviously I did very well in the end.

- Wing, Scarborough, 2008 -


16. I am a fist year University student at University of Toronto right now. I want to thank Math Clinic. I joined Math Clinic when I was in grade 10. Before joining Math Clinic, everyone keeps telling me that I could never do math and I would never make it through high school. The situation worsen a lot when I was in grade 10 as I didn't understand a thing the teacher said. No matter how hard I work I always score one of the lowest in my Math classes. I completely lose my self-esteem and thought may be I just don't have the right stuff and is not "University material". Well, that was the case before I join Math Clinic. One of my classmate in my Grade 10 Math class recommend me to join Math clinic. I decided to take my chances. Initially I have very little fate that it will work. But for whatsoever reason, it did work for me. I was used to failure and very comfortable with it. But Math Clinic taught me that you are never a failure unless you admit you are one. The tutors at Math Clinic helped me discover my weaknesses, and I learned some very useful exam. taking skills. More importantly, Math Clinic gave me tons of practice exercises to improve on my weaknesses. One months after tutoring, my score already jumped from low 40' to the 60', and I ended up with an 80' in my grade 10 math class. After grade 10, I was with Math clinic till the end. I ended up with more than 90's in all my grade 12 math classes. Thank you Math Clinic, thank you for opening so many doors for me.

- James, Toronto, 2009 -


17. When my son was still in grade 8, he had no problem in school at all. But I was shocked last spring when my son handed me his grade report for the term, he failed his math class the first semester in grade 9. I was freaking out and did not know what to know. One of my relative recommended me to seek help from Math Clinic. The tutors were very experienced, and after two classes, my son started to show improvement in quiz and test results. I am so glad I chose Math Clinic, and I would definitely recommend everyone I know to send their children to Math Clinic. It does make a big difference. Thank you Math Clinic.

- Michelle, Unionville, 2008-


18. Before my daughter use Math Clinic, she failed every single test in the math course. I was panicking and was looking everywhere for last minute help. One of my friend recommended Math Clinic to me. The tutors at Math Clinic are very professional and with their help, my daughter ended up a top ten student in the class. Thank you Math Clinic. If not because of you, my daughter will probably repeating her grade 10 math class right now.

- Rabea, Scarborough, 2008 -


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