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11. My daughter has always been doing well in school getting straight A's. But lately she has not been doing so well because of the elimination of the grade 13. For this reason, what students originally need to learn in 5 years are now to be learned in 4. My daughter found it very heavy to pick up those large amounts of knowledge within 2-3 semesters. A friend of mine then suggested her to go to MathClinic. It's lucky that I gave it a try and it turned out to be amazing. The instructors designed innovative ways to teach the math concept so that my daughter found it very easy to understand and to remember that large amount of contents within a short period of time. The instructor also taught her some special exam writing technique and eventually my daughter is able to keep her straight A's.

- Tommy, Scarborough, 2007 -


12. When my son first took G.11math, he failed and needed to retake that course. I was thinking that he might need extra help. So we finally came to MathClinic. The instructor was very professional and knew where my son's weaknesses were and gave him the right training. My son ended up getting over 80% in his retake. I am so glad that I sent my son to MathClinic.

- Jessica, North York, 2007 -


13. My math was used to be quite good when I was in elementary school. But once I reached high school, I find the math concept (esp. since grade 10) very difficult and I did not do well. The score of my grade 9 math was not good, and during grade 10, it was even worse. I lost my confidence and interest in math and at first did not want to take G.11. Then I try the MathClinic program. The instructors explained the math concept very well and I have no difficulty at all understanding it. It turns out that it is my teachers in day school that did a bad job in teaching. They just simply write out those complicated math formulas on the board without making sure that we understand it. Here in MathClinic, those instructors make sure that I understand the concept, not just blindly memorizing those formulas. Now I have regained my confidence in math as I did very well in G.11 math with the help of MathClinic. I am now planning to take all 3 G.12 math courses and I am now aiming at 95% !

- Peter, Toronto, 2007 -


14. MathClinic works for my son. My son was not doing well in math, more likely because he is lazy. The teachers in day school do not care about this and do not give enough homework to my son to make sure that he is not falling behind. The instructors in MathClinic give homework every class and they make sure that my son get enough practices before writing each test / exam in day school. They care about my son. They will not allow my son to fall behind and always make sure that he is 100% ready before an exam.

- Asfar, Mississauga, 2007 -


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