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Contact MathClinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 647-547-8824.



Contact MathClinic for Math and Science lessons at 647-547-8824.



Contact MathClinic for help in Math and Science at 647-547-8824.


Contact MathClinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 647-547-8824.


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6. Kevin from MathClinic is the best tutor one could go to, especially if that one is a concerned parent looking to position their child with the best possible tools. He does not teach math, he explains the logic of math. Kevin is a principle based teacher, he emphasizes on real, good honest understanding of math concepts, instead of memorizations.

Kevin from MathClinic is cream of the crop, you couldn’t find someone better. Once your child is with MathClinic, you would notice an immediate difference, to your relief I am sure.

Kevin and other tutors from MathClnic can take a D student and make them an A student, they are miracle workers, and problem solvers; so long as the child has an aptitude to improve they will be flying in their courses.

- Stellia Y., Richmondhill, 2012


7. My son has been tutoring with MathClinic for about 1 1/2 years. Brandon has been absolutely wonderful and I don't know where we would be without him. My son is disadvantaged in Math and we were told by his teacher that he would never catch up with his peers and would always be two years behind because "she has 20 years experience she knows these things". I am happy to report that because of Brandon, my son is not only catching up but is in fact striving and is much more confident in his own abilities. He in fact, to his teacher’ surprises, got 85 in his gr. 9 math course that he just finished. We appreciate Brandon very much and will be continuing with MathClinic until his high school graduation.

- Sima S., Scarborough, 2012


8. My daughter has been with MathClinic for 4 1/2 years, she started in gr. 6 with a weakness in math (she repeated 6th grade). Michael put together a specific learning program just for our daughter (not a computer generated plan that's typical of other tutoring establishments). Our daughter is going into gr. 11 with a 85+ grade average, and that’s accomplishment beyond our imagination. Thanks to the help of Micahel's plan and Jason the amazing tutor. I will never forgot when I first met with Michael I was very worried that our daughter would never learn but Michael put my concerns and worries at ease. This gave me hope and encouragement for our daughter's future.

- Marlon T., North York, 2012


9. It works. I don’t know how they did it, but it works.  My son Joseph was getting 62 in his grade 10 math class before tutoring with MathClinic. He is getting 91 after tutoring for 3 months. Thank you.

- Chris M., Markham, 2012


10. I have to be honest with you. I was skeptical at first. $40/hr isn’t cheap, and I am not very wealth. But it worth every penny. My daughter ends up getting an A+ in her gr. 12 calculus and vectors. I would highly recommend mathclinic to everyone.

- Tina C.,  Scarborough, 2012


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