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1. Thank you MathClinic. I was a student back in 2006. I came here as a new immigrant who barely speak a single word of English. I was getting 45 in my grade 11 math course when I first came here.  I didn’t think it was even remotely possible that I would pass. My friend recommended that I get help from MathClinic. Michael, the program director was very helpful and patient. Deeply moved by the plight of my situation, Michael tutors me personally, putting in overtime countlessly whenever I need. I end up getting 86 in that course. I was with MathClinic ever since and I was getting 90’s in my other math courses. Even when I was in University, I still treated Michael as my mentor, and I did consult with him for all major decisions. This is my first year in medical school. Without MathClinic I would not have made it thus far. Thank you.

- Melissa T., Richmond Hill, 2012


2. My brother was having a hard time with school and I was tutoring him from time to time, but that was becoming difficult for me considering I was always at work. My friend told me that he had sent his nephew to MathClinic for math help. He said his nephew's grades improved drastically after that, so I decided to have my brother sent to MathClinic. In only less than two months' time, my brother was understanding his math and even corrected me numerous times while I was helping on my time off! I am impressed with his improvement in his grades! MathClinic has knowledgeable tutors who are patient and professional. I will highly recommend MathClinic to anyone looking for tutoring!

- Nina S., North York, 2012


3. I have watched Michael interact with my child as well as many friends of my children over the past three years. Michael is a big guy with a big heart and sense of humor; With children, Michael has a gift for quickly understanding how the strength and weakness of each student, and thus design the most effective tutoring plan. He takes work seriously, never late for his tutoring class, always willing to work overtime if my child or other  student need some extra help. Michael is friendly with kids while keeping an upbeat attitude. I recommend MathClinic regularly to parents who are seeking a tutor because Michael and other tutors at MathClinic are intelligent and simply so at-ease with kids and people in general.

- Bruce W., North York, 2012


4. MathClinic has been a huge benefit to my son.  His math and science grades and even more importantly, his confidence have improved exponentially.  Mathclinic was recommended by a family member in the public education system, who saw the results they get with other students of theirs, especially those that demonstrates weakness in learning math and science.  The Program Director, Michael, has even volunteered in my son's parent-student meetings so that he can better understand his needs and thus better assist him with his problems. MathClinic has been a savior for my son, who actually enjoys going to his sessions.  I highly recommend MathClinic to anyone that needs helps in Math and Science.

- Molesia S., Scarborough, 2012


5. Great tutors, very punctual on 1-on-1 at-home-tutoring, able to explain concepts very clearly. Definitely recommend for anyone that needs math help.

- Gina. S., Downtown Toronto, 2012


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