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Contact MathClinic for Math and Science Tutoring at 437-886-5266.


Contact MathClinic for Math and Science lessons at 437-886-5266.

MathClinic is established by a group of enthusiastic and professional tutors. We are dedicated ourselves in providing the most effective tutoring services to high school students. Some of our tutors have been tutoring for over 10 years while others are master degrees holders of mathematics and science related subjects.




Why MathClinic ?


1. Our instructors are highly qualified and some with master degrees in mathematics, statistics, science or other related discipline.

2. Our experienced instructors have always been able to ensure their students achieve outstanding performance in school.

3. We closely follow, but never limited to, the curricula set by the Ministry of Education in order to fully prepare our students for the upcoming advanced courses they will be taking in university in the future.

4. We emphasize on exploring individual student's strengths and weaknesses by understanding their unique personality type, intellectual ability as well as their academic background.

5. Our fees are reasonable! The fees of our tutoring classes are much lower than if the student were to attend private school, yet we offer you a higher guarantee for being able to enter your desired university program.

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